Artist Spotlight

July 10, 2023

Stephen Daly

William Campbell Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of gallery artist, Stephen Daly.

Stephen Daly is a contemporary artist from Austin, Texas. His artwork focuses on figurative and abstraction. Daly uses a number of media to create his pieces, he is a sculptor and painter and combined the two media in a unique way. Daly’s “hybrids” or “drawn sculptures” defy our traditional concept of space and form as they weave between the two-dimensional and the three dimensional. Daly combines the static nature of sculpture with the more atmospheric and gestural qualities of drawing. “The dialogue between the two different kinds of form in flat and dimensional space can be more engaging than either used alone,” Daly states.

Daly’s influences include the European Surrealists Max Ernst and Joan Miro as well as Eduardo Paolozzi, whose metaphorical hybrids also combined the abstract, the figurative and the classical. Exposure to vast amounts of historical and contemporary art during lengthy periods in Italy led to Daly’s incorporating classical and contemporary elements.

Daly studied art at San Jose State University and Cranbrook Academy of Art, respectively and then was a Fellow of the American Academy of Rome, Italy. He spent time in the San Francisco Bay area exploring galleries and museums as well as studio visits. While at Cranbrook he explored and was enamored by metal casting and using them as a formal language in creating his art. Stephen Daly’s work is in collections internationally. His works can be found in the American Academy in Rome, Italy; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock; Aquinas Newman Center in New Mexico, City of Havana, Cuba; Institute of Economics in Stockholm, Sweden; Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin; and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain. William Campbell Gallery is pleased to have represented Stephen’s work for over 2 decades.

Please visit the Artsy Page here for available works by Stephen Daly.

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