Artist Spotlight: Brian Moore

William Campbell Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of artist, Brian Moore. Early in his career, Brian Moore worked in Fine Art Photography while working in various photo labs as a color printer and photographer. Moore was hired by the University of Arkansas as a photographer to assist with photography/layouts in the publications of four program areas.  Since this was accomplished before digital, everything had to be done with film and in a traditional darkroom. That same practice of pure film photography capture for his images is still true.

The illusive forms over black background are like sculptures or paintings in Moore’s eyes and terminology. The colorful arrangements that are the subject of his work are foam, fabric or other media, which Moore sculpts himself. Color is the language that he captures with Kodak film. His more recent works are created by letting the molds slightly move with overexposure, allowing for much more depth, shadow, and detail. His images are created in traditional film, with no digital manipulation, which makes the works entirely unique in today’s digital world. Moore considers himself a painter. The black and white images are highly emotional, while the color works convey the controlled tonality.

Brian comments on how he molds his forms, “Utilizing the skills that I acquired as a commercial photographer; my concept is applied in terms of how an artist would compose on canvas. I have evolved to just include color, form and texture as subject matter.” His only process is to digitally scan  the film captures onto a drum and then the file is produced onto aluminum. The finished product has pristine quality, the large size allows the viewer to see the forms and colors in unpresented detail.