July 3, 2023

Lloyd Martin

William Campbell Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of gallery artist, Lloyd Martin.

American artist Lloyd Martin, known internationally for his rhythmically constructed abstract painting, continues his engagement with color and line in this outstanding body of work. Critic John Goodman wrote that Martin’s paintings “achieve a Mondrianesque climax of rhythm.” And it is this sense of movement, of rhythm, of flow that delights the eye as it is drawn along the forms and juxtapositions of bright-hued lush colors that are characteristic of the artist’s recent work. In critic Maureen Mullarkey’s words, Martin’s paintings “approach the character of music.”

Writers often reference Mondrian and music when describing Martin’s work. In these paintings, each note holds its own, yet there is a velocity of linear movement. Martin’s work is characterized by a sensuous quality in the sometimes-brushy aggression of one vibrant color pushing against another. For the viewer there is a visual pleasure in editing details of the work, allowing the eye to settle on a square here a rectangle there and imagining paintings within paintings.

Martin has for a long time explored the architectural environment around his studio and his paintings reveal a framework and structure that reference architecture. Although clearly abstract, Martin’s paintings are still grounded in the real world. And this architectural structure gives the work a sense of gravity, giving weight to his flights of vibrant color.

Martin has an extensive CV exhibiting works across the US. His works can be found in the following permanent collections: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investment, Cambridge, MA; the Mead Art Museum, Amherst, MA; the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH; Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design; The Federal Reserve Art Collection in Washington, DC; and the UCLA Medical Art Center in Los Angeles to name a few. 

William Campbell Gallery is pleased to represent a fabulous collection of Lloyd Martin’s paintings, including large-scale paintings on canvas well as a lovely collections of 2 seasons of his Everywhen Series; smaller works, below is a statement about his Everywhen Series:

“All of these works are 12×9 inches, oil on canvas or wood. The iconic forms were like a mantra or tantric like meditation, architectural, lyrical portals and figures.”

Please visit the Artsy Page here for available works by Lloyd Martin. Also, please stop by 4935 Byers to view his paintings currently hanging in the gallery.