Artist Spotlight

July 17, 2023

Patty Sutherland

William Campbell Gallery is pleased to spotlight the work of gallery artist, Patty Sutherland.

Patty Sutherland was born in Dallas, Texas. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Texas Christian University in 1996.

She has exhibited across the state as well as at William Campbell Gallery. From 2000 – 2017 Patty and her husband at the time operated a successful cooking school program in Tuscany, Italy called, “Tuscan Women Cook.” This was an exciting and impactful time in her life, all the while creating art.

Patty’s artwork continues to evolve. Her pieces are layers of fabrics and textiles with threads binding them and used as lines and delineations at times. The works reveal the deckled edges of the textiles, with various and strategically placed shapes that give the viewer both a sense of organized form applied by hand. Sutherland states the works are memories of place. They are locations or floor plans of dwellings from her past. Her work uses fabrics of all kinds and has a tactile quality to them, they are then affixed to the board to give them stability. Patty states, “Beauty is in the imperfections.” This is manifested in her works by the fringed edges that seem to be applied with intention. Early in her career, she studied closely with Otis Jones, and now she has returned to this professor and friend and now partner.

Please visit the Artsy Page here for available works by Patty Sutherland. Also, please stop by 4935 Byers to view her paintings currently hanging in the gallery.