Cecil Touchon
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Cecil Touchon’s The Cuernavaca Papers features 25 new small works and larger paintings by the renowned artist. The series is set apart from Touchon’s’ more recent work by the robust infusion of color. After several years of producing work predominantly in rich tones of reds, blues, and blacks against a lighter background, Touchon’s new work embraces greens, yellows, and various shades of pink and orange inspired by the vivid ephemera from the Cuernavaca region. The work features innovative assemblage of the repurposed paper materials’ stylized lettering and text, creating captivating optical illusions across the picture plane.
The series is part of Touchon’s larger, ongoing project called Post Dogmatist Paintings(PDP), which champions a free-flowing, open approach to abstract art by rejecting rigid conventions and embracing creative experimentation. His work is characterized by the intricate layering of found materials, torn paper, and a harmonious interplay of color and form that invites viewers to contemplate the beauty of abstraction.


Exhibition: november 16, 2023 – january 11, 2024

Opening Reception: november 16, 2023 | 5:00 pM – 8:00 PM