Arno Kortschot

About Arno Kortschot

Dutch born, Vancouver based minimalist sculptural artist Arno Kortschot, received his training in sculpting and spatial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, The Netherlands.

Since 1990, Arno Kortschot has been exhibiting his work across the Netherlands and Canada and has been commissioned for a number of private and public collections. Most notably, three sculptural works were collected and exhibited in 2014 for “Architectural Solutions” by Peter and Marieke Sanders of The Sanders Collection, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

In his search for the connection of form and material in relation to the environment, Arno Kortschot developed a strong ability to place sculptures as a high conceptual and spatial visualization in a natural way. The geometric shapes are made up of a mix of architectural elements with the rhythms of nature, making these minimal forms seem related to flowers and calyces. His affection to minimalism however, created a strong urge to fill spaces with objects that were stripped of all meaning and therefore, purely a spatial concept. Inspired by the history of geometric abstraction that can be found in both art and architecture of his native country, he started to make blocks that were meticulously placed or hung, thereby forcing the audience to take a strategic position to understand his or her place in relation to the space and to the object.

Artistic Intent

Arno Kortschot searches for the connection of form and material in relation to both natural and man made environments. Inspired by the history of geometric abstraction that can be found in the art and architecture of his native country, The Netherlands, Kortschot creates sculptures that are meticulously placed side by side, are free standing, or lean at an angle against a wall. Kortschot shapes his ideas into sculptures with bright color and often with a repetition of the same shapes together. In some works, he has incorporated LED light to allow the form to glow with color from the inside out. In others, a slight tension exists where the sculptures almost touch. Shadow play is integral to the entire reading of all his installations.

The painstaking craftsmanship of straight lines and angles is embraced with an artistic style in which materiality is central to Kortschot’s work, zinc being his primary medium. The patina of zinc, created over time through air, the environment, and also especially by a person’s touch, brings out the unique character and is considered as part of the art. Kortschot sees his chosen medium having a timeless and imperfect character enabling the sculptures to blend with the work’s surroundings, allowing the viewing of his art as a visceral, physical experience.

These objects are directions to see things differently and to experience the beauty of minimal concepts; To recognize, to appreciate and to be inspired to change the way of looking at things and your daily surroundings. In fact, they will give the opportunity to travel further than any landscape will do.

– Arno Kortschot