James marshall | the morphology of being

Harmony padgett | No Words from thin skies


James Marshall, a seasoned artist based in Santa Fe, NM, has spent the past decade refining his style, marked by amorphous forms that exude an otherworldly allure. Marshall’s latest series, The Morphology of Being, is characterized by intricate dialogues between glaze and form, reflecting his profound connection to the creative process. With a masterful command of color chemistry, Marshall breathes life into his creations, allowing them to transcend conventional boundaries and embody a sense of fluidity and vitality. The six large-scale works featured in his upcoming exhibition represent the culmination of years of experimentation and introspection, offering viewers a glimpse into Marshall’s compelling artistic evolution.

Harmony Padgett, a Colorado-born artist with a penchant for pushing the boundaries of traditional painting, presents her latest series, No Words from Thin Skies. Incorporating unexpected elements such as cutout areas and gestural strokes of color, Padgett’s works invite viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between spontaneity and control. Inspired by the vastness of the world and the inherent complexities of human existence, Padgett’s paintings serve as a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Through her exploration of internal fragility and external strength, Padgett invites viewers to embrace the unknown with courage and optimism.

James Marshall
Harmony Padgett