Artist Spotlight: Arno Kortschot

Arno Kortschot is Dutch born, Vancouver, Canada based minimalist artist who received his training in sculpting and spatial design at the ARteZ University of the Arts, Zwolle, The Netherlands.  Since 1990, Arno Kortschot has been the focus of over 33 exhibitions across The Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. Minimalism and right-angled form are the basis of his art. The color in his pieces appears to be a folded layer accentuated by Kortschot’s unique use of natural zinc as a reflective metallic layer. When describing his color Kortschot explains “Objects are directions to see things differently and to experience the beauty of minimal concepts, to be inspired to change the way of looking at things and your daily surroundings.”

In his search for the connection of form and material in relation to the environment, Arno Kortschot developed a strong ability to place sculptures as a high conceptual and spatial visualization in a natural way. His affection for minimalism, however, created a strong urge to fill spaces with objects that were stripped of all meaning and therefore, purely a spatial concept. Inspired by the history of geometric abstraction that can be found in both art and architecture of his native country, he started to make blocks that were meticulously placed or hung, thereby forcing the audience to take a strategic position to understand his or her place in relation to the space and to the object.

Kortschot’s work can be found in the following public collections: Sanders Collection, Haarlem, The Netherlands; Public Commission, Province Noord Holland, the Netherlands and Province Zwolle, Zwolle, The Netherlands. From 1993 to 2023 his work has been shown at international art fairs including, RAW ART, The Netherlands; Context, Miami; Palm Springs Fine Art Fair; Dallas Art Fair; and Toronto International Art Fair to name a few. William Campbell Gallery has represented Arno Kortschot since 2014 with placement collections across Texas and the United States.

Please visit the link here to view more of his work on our ARTSY page.