Cheech Marin in front of Benito Huerta’s “Exile Off Main Street,” 1999(Gustavo Soriano / For The Times)

Exile Off Main Street

Benito Huerta’s “Exile Off Main Street,” 1999 was recently photographed by Gustavo Soriano of the Los Angeles Times for an article featuring art collector, Cheech Marin!

Learn more about Benito Huerta or read the LA Times article below.

Always a collector, Cheech Marin brings his art to Riverside

Photography by GUSTAVO SORIANO
JUNE 15, 2022 1:42 PM PT

Growing up, Cheech Marin was always a collector.

It started with marbles. Later on, it was baseball cards, then eventually stamps. Now, at 75, he’s collected enough art to fill an entire museum.

“I’ve collected things since I was a kid,” says Marin, arguably best known as half of the stoner comic duo Cheech and Chong. “I always had some type of collection going.”

Marin purchased his first art pieces in the mid-1980s with the money he earned from his success in comedy and big-screen hits such as “Up in Smoke” and “Cheech and Chong‘s Next Movie.” He began by collecting Chicano-inspired Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces in “an undervalued little deal at the time.” Around the time his Art Nouveau collection grew in size — and value — Marin says he discovered artwork made by Chicano painters and recognized their artistic styles right away.