Made in Fort Worth: Gallery One Frames

Original Article by Madeworthy Editorial Staff / April 13, 2022

Gallery One Frames is known for creating beautiful frames for their residential clients, as well as commercial and corporate collections. With a combined 40 years of experience, Vince Veazey and Alden Williams will make sure your pieces are beautifully framed for generations to come.

Madeworthy: What is the tie between Gallery One Frames and William Campbell Gallery?

Gallery One Frames: William Campbell Gallery and Gallery One Frames are really two sides of the same coin. It’s all one business. It’s great to have Gallery One Frames because we can frame any work of art that we sell out of the gallery here on site. We also get a lot of walk-in customers that have framing work of their own. And we do any type of installation, commercial or residential. The gallery and the frame shop support each other, and that’s been a very successful combination.

MW: How do you learn to be a custom framer?

GOF: Both Vince and Alden have BFAs in studio art. Their educations in art history and the artmaking process helps them make informed choices when handling and framing artwork. They frame with a focus on the conservation of the artwork. They also consider the chemistry involved, account for different substances, and decide about how the various elements [piece being framed, matting materials, etc.] will react over time.

MW: There are so many styles of frames, how does one know what will work best with the art and with their home or office?

GOF: When looking at artwork you will have colors and patterns as key elements. Considering different color mats and frame patterns, one can mix and match these to create a coordinated display. If you are trying to create a cohesive visual narrative in your home, you will need framing that creates a transition point between the artwork and the home décor.

MW: What are the trendy, new materials you are using to frame art?

GOF: Right now, we have a collection of acrylic frames called “Prisma” that is very trendy. You can choose from a large range of colors and designs that make them highly customizable. As they are acrylic, they are unique in how they create a range of visual depth and dimension to framing.

MW: What is the most difficult piece you have had to frame?

GOF: We have had several challenging projects. Our top three would have to be framing a 10-foot drawing that required us to custom build and finish a frame by hand, a Damien Hurst print with diamond dust (which was very difficult to clean), and a family tree hair wreath.

MW: Does your dream client give you a piece of artwork with free reign, or do you prefer specific direction?

GOF: Each of us has a personal taste, but we really enjoy collaborating with our clients. Clients can oftentimes expand your visual language and problem solving. With more experience, you can create a catalog of visual formulas and troubleshooting. We see ourselves as expert guides to help create something special. Our most successful projects are when clients can give us a good direction of their vision while also being open to input.

MW: Our magazine is geared toward families; how do you help them with photo gallery walls that are so popular? It seems like you have to make the sizes work like a puzzle.

GOF: One format is to have the same size frames for all the photos so that border of the mat will adjust to each photo. The installation is typically a grid lay out. When framing different sizes, all we need to know is the limitation of wall space. Vince, our expert framer and installer, will lay out what is called a “salon style” wall and make the works fit together on the desired wall space.

MW: How does Gallery One support the arts scene in Fort Worth?

GOF: Gallery One Frames and William Campbell Gallery have been members of the Fort Worth Art Dealer’s Association since its inception. FWADA sponsors Spring and Fall Gallery Night every year as well as microgrants for emerging artists.