Elysia Nolan

This Summer we had the privilege of having Elysia Nolan as our intern. During her time here she was able to learn more about the art world. That being said, she was able to use her creative eye and harness it for collaborating on numerous exhibitions and creative projects.

Meet talented photographer Elysia! Although we assume she will be running the world in the near future, she certainly helped run a tight ship this summer! She went above and beyond, collaborating with designers, photographers, and our team to exhibit the art work and create amazing content for Instagram. Our internship process is rather selective due to the fast paced environment and ability to thrive in a rigorous environment. Elysia took pride in her work, and was given an immense amount of responsibility because of that.

She will be leaving for Tulane this week for her senior year, but we still can’t get her out of the gallery! She came back in to shoot some design photos which is a testament to her investment in the gallery and the relationships she built during her time here.

Check out some of her portfolio of her time with us, and if you are interested in applying for the Fall send your resume to kylie@williamcampbellcontemporaryart.com.

What was your favorite memory? 

“My favorite memory of my experience in the gallery was having great satisfaction on how an exhibition turned out in the end. I loved the private reception for the “Acanthis” group show and how well people responded to our team’s hard work. It is amazing how things fall perfectly into place and can then be enjoyed by everyone who steps into the gallery.” – Elysia Nola

Behind the Scene of Elysia’s Portfolio

A Message From Elysia

“I came to William Campbell Gallery this summer because I was looking for a meaningful summer experience in the art business world. What drew me to this gallery in particular was the dynamics of the gallery workplace. Peeler and Trish value creativity and encourage it. I worked on social media marketing, exhibitions, and CONTENT PHOTOGRAPHY. I ALWAYS FELT VALUED IN MY IDEAS FOR A PROJECT AND SAW MY HARD WORK PAY OFF IN THE FINAL PRODUCT. I LOVE THE GALLERY SO MUCH AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FUTURE OF WCG!”