more or Less: Una Retrospectiva

217 foch st


November 12th thru January 14th

This exhibition is Part 1 of a retrospective exhibition, presenting work created between 1975 and 2022. The second exhibition Más O Menos: A Retrospective opens at the Latino Cultural Center in January 2023. The works exhibited at each venue will be unique to that venue and are to be seen as one to better understand the various works included in each of these exhibitions. The work will track the non-linear evolution of the artist’s oeuvre over the course of nearly 50 years. Topics have run the gamut from the political to satire, economics, to social issues intertwining pop culture, Mexican cultural motifs, art and musical references and other influences creating a visual gumbo.

The title of the exhibition plays with the irreverent mixture of conversational English and Spanish otherwise known as Spanglish.  

Benito Huerta: More or Less: Una Restrospectiva