Artist Spotlight: Dalton Maroney

William Campbell Gallery (WCG) is pleased to spotlight the work of gallery artist Dalton Maroney. Dalton, Associate Professor of Art at The University of Texas at Arlington, is recognized for his boat-like wall reliefs. Maroney brings wooden sculpture to life with his intricate carving and innovative contouring of each piece. Figurative rather than literal, these sculptural forms invite the viewer to respond on a level relative to his or her own experience.

Maroney’s boat-like forms are often complex skeletons of interlocking wood. The strong spines of the boats highlight their symmetry, while the simple curvature of their bodies creates a supple and sensuous volume to the form. The open interiors of many of his works welcome the viewer in. Detailed carving on the surfaces of some of Maroney’s sculptures provides the wood with a rough, rich texture.

Maroney’s work is a mixture of sculpture, painting, and drawing. Instead of the traditional rectangular painting format, he has chosen the boat format to deliver his creative information. His boat-like sculptures are primitive in nature, yet sophisticated in meaning, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks of his abstracted creations.

Maroney has exhibited nationally and throughout Texas and the Southwest including participation in group exhibitions at the National Museum of Art, Washington D.C.; the Alternative Museum, New York; Santa Fe Museum of Art; Connemara Sculpture Conservancy, Oklahoma Art Center and South Texas Art Institute (formerly the Museum of South Texas). Solo exhibitions include Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York; San Antonio Art Institute; Pittsburg State University, Kansas; and the Dallas Museum of Art.