March 25 – April 26

Closing reception on April 26 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

A collection of over 30 new works by artist Bernd Haussmann. This compilation of new paintings includes mixed media on incised aluminum, oil and ink on canvas, and watercolor on paper. The collection of work is inspired by nature, in Bernd’s words, the meaning of awe is open, undefined, a moment. 

And the Art of the Nature We Are

(Awe and the nurture of art – Awe and the art we are)

The meaning of awe is open, undefined, a moment. It can go in opposite directions, towards awesome or awful.
Awesome and awful are of the same root.
In ART I focus on the awesome, without ignoring the awful. 
To be in awe shakes us up. 
Awing can be a humbling experience, even frightening, and irritating. Putting things into their place, into perspective, into relation with all things.
Awe is recalibrating the compass towards the truth, towards that which really is, what really matters. 
Awe refers to reflection, reason, respect.
Awe opens us up to the greater good, something greater than us.
Awe is expansive.
Awe promotes awareness.
Without open unconditioned awareness there is no ART and no true experiencing of it.
Awe is in all ARTing and in all being.
Awe is present in the nature of all things.

Bernd Haussmann Awe
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