Gigi Mills

Gigi Mills

Gigi Mills is a contemporary artist renowned for her unique and evocative approach to painting. Her distinctive style and imaginative compositions have left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art. Mills is celebrated for her distinctive blend of abstraction and expressionism. Her work is a dynamic interplay of color, texture, and form, where bold strokes and intricate details coexist harmoniously. 

Gallery Director, Anne Kelly Lewis says, “We are thrilled to bring Gigi’s work to Fort Worth. Her work for me is highly emotional and can bring out our own internal stories. They really have more layers than what the apparent narrative may be; the layers of color and her entire painterly approach allow the viewer to have a reflective experience.” 

Mills’s paintings highlight her ability to capture the ephemeral essence of life and emotions on canvas.Through her art, Gigi Mills delves into the complexities of the human experience. Her subjects, often enigmatic and introspective, invite viewers to reflect on their own journeys, emotions, and inner landscapes. Mills’s work serves as a mirror to the human soul, allowing us to connect with our shared humanity.

For Mills, the color palette is paramount. Mills says of her technique, “Color carries emotion for us. Because I use oils, the oils affect light. If you are putting gesso on correctly, then there may be orange and then there may be fourteen, five, or six layers of colors on top of that; but when the light hits the gesso and then bounces back at the eye it carries all of the colors with it. Therefore, if you are not aware that you are seeing that first orange, you feel it. That is what I believe.”

Mills received her BA in Theater from the College of Santa Fe and received her MA in Choreography from the University of New Mexico. Her work has been shown in over 40 exhibitions since 2004, including exhibitions in San Francisco, CA; Santa Fe, NM; New Orleans, LA and in New York, NY.