Harmony Padgett

About Harmony Padgett

Harmony Padgett earned an MFA in painting from TCU 2010, and received a BFA in painting from the University of Kansas in 1998.  She has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as in Austin, Houston, Chicago, San Diego, and Kansas City.  Her paintings can be found in numerous private, public and corporate collections, including the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi and the Omni and Hyatt Regency hotels. Currently a full-time artist, she previously taught drawing at TCU.

Her paintings are explorations of abstract line and exuberant color.  The oil and ink pieces on wood panels are delicately balanced to create compelling compositions that occur within the movement of lyrical line drawings and expressive bursts of color. They are dynamic and energizing.  Organic forms rapidly change direction, combining with long, sometimes angular or geometric, shapes that intermingle with color to create new abstract areas.

In the artist’s words, “I work to be sure the drawings are a total abstraction of anything recognizable. The lines have origins related to the figure, nature, architecture, biology, shadows, negative spaces. It is a layering and combining of disparate parts. I omit any information that may be representative, but the drawings are still at times suggestive of recognizable imagery.  To me, the paintings reflect a range of emotions that we all experience, as we navigate the distractions, obligations, and limitations of everyday life.  My work is a combination of controlled experimentation and chance.  An exploration of the relationship between something and nothing.”