John Fraser

Artist Statement

Mine, like countless others, is a meditative practice.  

My work, for over forty years, has been concerned with things of a timeless and universal import.   And these concerns have been manifested materially and formally, via geometry; its forms and shapes, suggestion, and restrained applications of combined processes. A builder’s logic has always been employed, allowing for other considerations to co-exist, such as incident and metaphor. Architecture and the built world have always prompted my thinking and my work’s facture, with the autonomy of the final object being primary. My works on and of paper are, like my work in assemblage, are the result of a constructive process.

As I have traveled, I have been arrested by how other global cultures address their built environment. While we at times would rather tear down and re-build, many cultures, out of respect, and perhaps necessity and practicality, restore and reinforce what exists. What

I have found most interesting has been the relationship between human-made beauty and the passage of time, and the visible and tangible entropy that can be felt, and how wear can become an attribute.

Ultimately, my goal is to produce objects worthy of study and reflection. My desire being to provide the potential viewer an opportunity, for a contemplative viewing experience, and mostly… for seeing.