Luther Smith

About Luther Smith

Luther Smith, a distinguished photographer based in Fort Worth, is renowned for his captivating landscape photography that intricately explores the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Smith’s photographic journey began with a focus on capturing the people in his immediate surroundings, including friends and family. During his time at the University of Illinois and later at the Rhode Island School of Design, he delved into experimental techniques like using infrared film to document nightlife. Returning to the University of Illinois as a teacher, Smith turned his lens to high schools in Urbana and Champaign.

In 1983, Luther Smith’s move to Texas marked the beginning of a series centered around High School Rodeo, evolving into a broader exploration of landscape photography using large-format cameras. This journey gave rise to notable series such as Trinity River and Photographs of the American South. Smith’s versatility is evident in his use of panoramic, medium and large format, and digital cameras.

Smith’s photographs beckon viewers to rediscover the awe-inspiring splendor of the unspoiled natural world through vibrant and unexpected images. His work, rich in intricate details, unveils the nuances of both untouched and human-altered landscapes. Stretching from Fort Worth to Mississippi and beyond, Smith’s photographs serve as a visual diary, documenting his profound connection with the land and capturing the enigmatic interplay of light and space.

Luther Smith’s photography has found a home in esteemed public collections, including the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Library of Congress, and the Dallas Museum of Art. His work has graced the pages of renowned publications such as Photography 9, Photography 8, and Photography 7. Additionally, Smith has made significant contributions to periodicals like Fort Worth Magazine and American Artist Magazine. Noteworthy institutions housing his work include The Amon Carter Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the High Museum, Atlanta.

William Campbell Gallery carries works from the following series:

The High School Rodeo series 1984–1986
Red River Landscapes 1986–1989
Trinity River Landscapes 1986–1994
New Zealand Landscapes 1995
United Kingdom Landscapes 1997
Where I live Series 1993–Present
Civil War Sites 1986–Present
Landscape photographs of the American South