Marilyn Jolly

Artist Statement:

I watch the weather, the time passing- increasingly limited time, the seasons changing-shifting light, my thoughts. So much internal dialogue- old conversations, to do lists, theories of thought, new ideas/old ideas. I try to pay attention to what my mind thinks and also the way it thinks. These things interest me and have integrated into my studio practice. 

My practice of meditation, my observation of nature and the nature of growth, change, loss and death and my interest in the way the unpredictable, ordering, and structure affect my day-to-day activities, all come to play in my work. My perception of my own physical changes and adaptations have become part of my awareness of my own nature.

I respond to materials that reflect a sense of history, use, personal mark, and I aspire to communicate ideas with economy, when possible. It is an ongoing process that I am still refining. 

I think and think and then I hope to lose myself in the process of making, the details, the surface, color, materials, the thing coming into itself and the letting go of other possibilities and doubt. Internal chatter subsides to make space for quiet concentration. (If I can make myself laugh, that is a bonus.)

My work reflects my interest in the human condition/my human condition. My meditation practice has influenced the way I understand how the mind works. I am interested in the kinds of thought patterns humans engage in and the ways we are “captured” by our thoughts. I have been concerned with the idea of time in my work for a while. I am reminded to be present with my thoughts. My gardening practice also influences my experience of time as I observe the seasons and changes in light, growth, fading into death and renewal as well as the contentment of being in the present moment.