Maxine Helfman

Maxine Helfman

Maxine Helfman is a visionary photographer whose work draws heavily from historical art forms, yet transcends traditional boundaries. With a keen eye for storytelling and a unique artistic perspective, Helfman explores the complexities of identity, culture, and the human experience through her camera lens.

Formerly a stylist and art director in the realm of commercial photography, Helfman moved behind the camera to embrace her passion for capturing scenes through her own artistic perspective. 

Helfman’s most recent work features vibrant floral and avian still lives paired with large, arboreal landscapes of the Moroccan forest. The collection is a testament to her unparalleled ability to reveal the hidden layers of her subjects through provocative and intriguing imagery.

Drawing inspiration from both classical portraiture and modern visual storytelling, Helfman has skillfully crafted a series of photographs that are rich, robust and to be experienced in person. Helfman’s subjects are not merely objects, but conduits for powerful narratives. Her thought-provoking work is an invitation to challenge one’s own perceptions and discover personal meaning within the images, a collaborative journey between artist and viewer.

Helfman’s previous photographic series include: Reframing History, Immortal Beauty, and Collections of Short Stories. Her provocative and thoughtful images have been featured in prestigious galleries across the globe. Maxine Helfman’s work can be found in the following permanent collections: RISD Museum, RI; Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany; Tweed Museum of Art, MN and Santa Barbara Museum of Fine Art, CA.