Patty Sutherland

Patty Sutherland

Dallas-based artist Patty Sutherland’s artistic process involves repurposing fabrics, threads, and textiles collected from friends, clothing designers, and unused fine canvas from her current partner and fellow artist, Otis Jones. These materials are thoughtfully affixed to birchwood panels using archival glue, creating artwork that transcends the ordinary and invites viewers into a world of intricate design and tactile appeal. 

WCG’s director, Anne Kelly Lewis, speaks highly of Sutherland’s work, noting, “The work is minimal, textured, and thoughtful, yet has a sturdiness that balances the delicate nature of the pieces.” 

Sutherland’s most recent body of work is the culmination of a  five-year artistic evolution, during which she  embraced the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the celebration of simplicity, imperfection, and impermanence. The rawness of exposed fabric edges and interplay of textures contribute to the striking visual narrative of each piece.

Patty Sutherland’s artistic journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences. From raising her children to returning to school to study art, Sutherland’s commitment to creativity has been unwavering. She earned her BFA from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1993 and her MFA from Texas Christian University in 1996. From 2000 to 2017, Sutherland and her late husband Bill operated a cooking school in Tuscany, Italy, where she continued to find artistic inspiration among the rolling hills and valleys of the Tuscan countryside. 

The exhibition marks a significant moment for Patty Sutherland, as it coincides with her first international show at the renowned Sorry We’re Closed gallery in Brussels, Belgium. The exhibition at WCG will not only showcase the core collection of 18 pieces but will also feature select works from her Afterthoughts series, akin to those presented in Brussels.