Billy Hassell

I chose this title because this exhibit is all about places, or details of places, that have personal significance to me,” says Hassell

4935 byers ave

November 12th thru January 14th

Each of these places is a “kind of locus, a place observed with intense concentration, and usually involved a personal experience.” All of these paintings started out with a sketch or a watercolor, made on site, with the intention of recording, not so much the landscape, but a visual interpretation of the experience of being there. The show has to do with travel and the mapping out of distances but also with observing and bearing witness. Many of these paintings are of places that are protected, at least marginally, existing either within the borders of a national park, state park or natural area. All are at risk of being encroached upon either for resources or for development. Over the years, Billy Hassell has had the opportunity to partner with a number of large and small regional and national conservation-related organizations, including the Texas Nature Conservancy and Audubon Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Friends of Fort Worth Nature Center and the Big Bend Conservancy.

Billy Hassell Placemarks