Randall Reid

About Randall Reid

Randall Reid seeks to establish visual windows – portholes of time. These windows appear to have been unearthed as archeological finds. A comtemplative buffer, acting as a quiet zone, usually surrounds the drawing. In many instances the graphite or mixed-media drawing invites a juxtaposition of copper, brass, steel, limestone or another earth element of color.

Randall Reid establishes relationships that appear natural – symptomatic of the earth. It is the earth with which he identifies. It is the rearrangement of its elements, the shifting of its parts, the recreation of its matter and time displacement that extends his exploration. Reid says, “I feel I am arranging layers, passages, ambiguous realities and figurative elements which can become narrative anthologies. The use of symbolism is residual.” Although his work may be individually titled, it all falls under the greater heading of “Earth Symptoms”.